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The word Jurist is a very big word. Its literal equivalent in Arabic language is “الفقيه” that sounds as “AlFakih” and is widely used to define people who have extensive expertise and knowledge, mainly in the legal field. The word Jurist was first used in the 15th century originated from the Medieval latin “Jurista”. It was used to define the lawyer, the judge, the legal academic lecturer, the legal writer, the legal consultant, the legal expert and in general anyone with thorough knowledge of the law. I spent more than a decade practicing law in the UAE and through the years I was lucky to meet and work with brilliant legal consultants, lawyers and legal professionals in general coming from all over the globe to make the UAE their home.

All those legal professionals gathered quiet a bulk of great knowledge and experience during their years of practice in their home countries in addition to their years of practice in the UAE, interacting everyday with local Emirati advocates and legal professionals from the Middle East creating a very special, diversified and eloquent legal database of knowledge that we see as of great value to be shared. Each of our contributors has their own focus and their own experience that qualifies each of them to be called a jurist in his field of practice. Somehow it was very difficult to ignore or deny the imperative need and necessity to create a platform with an attempt to gather all those experts together with their knowledge in one place and here we are.  

The UAE Jurist is my attempt to give back to the UAE, a platform that allows all legal professionals to share their experience about subjects relevant to their daily work, and to make such articles accessible to a vast spectrum of readers. Whether the legal professional works for a fully-fledged local or international law firm, a legal consultancy firm or an in-house counsel or a legal department member of a private or a public entity. Our contributors will share their knowledge and experiences with their colleagues and the public, showing off their legal skills with the aim to help the community and to be seen and recognised.

Ahmed Elnaggar


The UAE Jurist


About us

The UAE Jurist is a project created out of passion for law and the desire to offer the large public correct and legitimate overview to the UAE legal system. Designed to be easy to use and free of charge to read, The UAE Jurist articles will approach general legal subjects ranging from Family law to Corporate and Commercial law, Corporate governance and Compliance, as well as Criminal regulations. Throughout the Legal Topics, our authors will approach the most common concerns and questions of the public regarding different areas of the law and its applications to their daily lives using their expertise in the legal framework of the UAE. Collaborations with specialised and qualified legal consultants, advocates, attorneys, business consultants and experienced professionals involved in businesses development all over UAE, have set up the perfect grounds for the creation of our legal blog.